January 15, 2020

Government Future Financing 2030
(Terms & Conditions)


The ‘Government Future Financing 2030’ Program as appeared in various media agencies

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Elite Capital Launches ‘Government Future Financing 2030’ Program

Elite Capital has devised a financing program for government that allows BOT and BOO projects to be implemented without burdening the respective country with sovereign debt, which is being launched today

London, UK (AGENCIES) January 15, 2020 — Dr. Faisal Khazaal, Chairman of Elite Capital & Co. Limited, announced today that the company has designed and launched the first one-of-a-kind financial system under the name ‘Government Future Financing 2030’ to provide financial support rather than lending to Governments.

“This is a program of financial injection for BOT and BOO projects through Government which does not involve burdening the country with sovereign debt for Rail, Energy Plants, Oil Refineries, Marine Ships, Hotels, Sea Ports, Agriculture, etc. We cannot undertake construction projects that have no technical content like roads, housing, etc.” Dr. Faisal Khazaal, said.

Elite Capital & Co. Limited is a private limited company that provides project related services including Management, Consultancy and Funding, particularly for large infrastructure and commercial projects.

George Matharu, President and Board Member of Elite Capital & Co. Limited, said “Under the new program, Elite Capital & Co. and its governmental portfolios sign agreements with the respective Government to support the country’s BOT and BOO National Projects, by providing 80% of the financing needs of those National Projects without burdening the Ministry of Finance with sovereign loans. In return the Government announces the projects on a bidding basis by inviting all local companies and international consortia, to bid for the 20% remain funding, construction and project operations, thereby ensuring fairness, equality and transparency according to the rules, regulations and laws applicable in the respective country”.

This program will be devoted exclusively to governments and rated banks, and the private sector will only be allowed to work through them.

Dr. Faisal Khazaal concluded his statement by saying “Government Future Financing 2030 is an exclusive program for Elite Capital & Co. and the most powerful financial program in the finance market which we are glad to launch today”. NNNN


Terms and Conditions of dealing with the program



1. The Government Agency or Bank must directly address Elite Capital & Co. and send a request for information about the Government Future Financing 2030 Program to: GFF2030@ec.uk.com

Note (1) The request from Government Agencies must contain a list of projects that they wish to implement.

Note (2) The e-mail must be sent from the formal email address of the Government Agency or Bank requesting the information. Any requests from unofficial parties will be rejected.

2. Elite Capital & Co. will send the official financial offer to the party that submitted the request.

3. This will result in an interview between the Elite Capital & Co. team and the Government Agency team at the embassy of the relevant country in London, to discuss the program framework.

4. The Cooperation Protocol will be discussed and signed at the place that the country will later determine to start the process of financing its projects.

Note (1) Banks are exempt from the above points 3 and 4 because they can discuss and sign a Cooperation Protocol that is different from the said Government agreements.


Notice to potential applicants



1. Moderators, intermediaries, and brokers cannot be accepted to deal in the program.

2. Communications from non-official bodies cannot be accepted.

3. Elite Capital & Co. may reject any enquiry at its own discretion, without providing a reason for rejection.

4. This program will be devoted exclusively to governments and rated banks, and the private sector will only be allowed to work through them.

5.The program cannot be in a sanctioned country.



Elite Capital & Co. Limited

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